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UStraww is Introducing India’s first-ever luxurious Pasta Straw. A luxurious drinking straw as a perfect alternative to other straws. Now you can finally say goodbye to soggy paper straws and ditch the plastic straws for a better future.

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Why UStraww?

We abjure plastic straws.

UStraww aims to eliminate the consumption of harmful straws and save our seas and sea species.

We also aim to reduce the consumption of paper straws.

Issue with consuming paper straws is paper straws become soggy in couple of minutes and leave a bitter taste in your drink.

Why we recommend you to consume UStraww- The Pasta Straw.

UStraww is 100% Bio-degradable, Vegan, Edible and Flavourless, 2+ hours of usage time.

The baroque finish, extravagant look and high-end quality made UStraww one of the luxurious straws.

We have focused more on customer’s experience of drinking their favourite drinks guilt-free.


Pasta Straws

The Single Pack of Pasta Straws is ideal for your daily needs. Be it your healthy smoothie or favourite juice - it goes with everything. Lasts for more than an hour. Goodbye Soggy Paper Straws.

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Pasta Straws

Stay outstanding at your party with the Luxurious Pasta Straws. Impress your guests with the colored edible Pasta Straws.

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