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“A Straw can make a difference”.

According to a research, every plastic straw ever used still exists.

A single-use plastic straw takes 100-500 years to decompose.

Personal experience and intense research led us to introduce you with the most perfect and minimally designed drinking straw.

The Luxurious Pasta Straw.

UStraww- The Pasta Straw is a perfect eco-friendly solution.

The Pasta Straw is made with keeping a few things in our mind- Baroque finish, Utmost Satisfaction and Benign to nature.

UStraww focuses on providing higher satisfaction and luxurious touch to the customers while preserving nature.

We believe in “nurturing the nature”.

The Pasta Straw.

  • Pasta Straw is 100% Bio-degradable and luxurious.
  • More than 2 hours of usage time.
  • No harmful chemicals.
  • Flavourless.
  • Pasta Straws doesn’t get soggy like Paper Straws do.

The Best Eco-friendly Straws

Gluten-free, Strong, 100% natural

Straw are fully grown in the nature. As they naturally develop a strong structure we do not need chemicals to make them stronger. After harvesting the straw they are cut and cleaned thoroughly before we pack and ship them to you. The shiny glow is just like they are, no coating needed!

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