. Why Paper Straws Sucks?

Why Paper Straws Sucks?

Drinking Straws have become a part of our food lifestyle.

Today, every person you see requires drinking straw with their drinks simply because it's easy to drink and it's hygienic.
Indian Government and numerous other countries have banned the consumption of plastic straws because we all have realized the harm it causes to us and the environment. Globally, almost a billion plastic straws are consumed every day.

To tackle this issue, Paper straw companies have come forward as an alternative to plastic straw and "save the environment". But, are paper straws really an alternative to plastic straws and harmless to nature?

NO, It's not. Paper Straws are equally polluting and harming nature. According to research, one should quit using the paper straws and the main reason is - Paper Straws are harmful to nature and the body.

Yes, Paper straws do not only harms the nature but also our body. Paper straws are made of paper, which is obviously made of trees.

The wood is then bleached and coloured to give the straw different colours, It means the harmful chemicals and toxins are being consumed by us.

No wonder, why your drinks taste bitter.

Paper has cellulose, which is not harmful but the one in straw is chemically treated.

Now, do we need any other reason to stop using paper straws?

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