. Reasons why Plastic Straws should not be used.

Reasons why Plastic Straws should not be used.

Plastic straws are everywhere and we have been habitual to use them like they are nothing.


Consuming plastic straws has become a habitual behaviour for most people in today’s generation.


As a matter of fact, the average person will go through almost 40,000 straws in 60 years.  


Now the Government of many countries has taken a step towards saving the environment.

The most important and needed step was Banning Plastic Straw. Below there are some points regarding plastic straw, worth reading your time.


There are some facts on how Plastic Straw has already harmed our environment.


1. Plastic straws are one of the most commonly picked-up trash on the beaches –


Have you ever thought where all the disposed plastic straws end up when we throw them out?

Well, a huge percentage is floating around in the ocean. According to one report, Plastic Straws are the top 5th most found trash on the beaches.

During the Ocean Conservancy’s 2017 International Coastal Clean-up, A total of 632,874 straws were collected.

To your surprise, this number doesn’t account for the straws that have broken into micro-plastics.

There are at least 5.25 trillion micro-plastic floating on the surface of the oceans.

So how do so many straws get into the ocean in the first place? The answer is simple, they get there through human error. 

They are sometimes left behind by the tourists visiting the beaches or oceans and some are thrown by the resorts or hotels close to the oceans.


2. Plastic can remain in the environment way past our lifetime –


Single-Use Plastic remains in the environment for 2000 years or more. Almost Forever.

It is also said that every plastic that was ever made or consumed still exist in the environment.

Because plastic just doesn’t go away, studies say that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by weight.


3. The plastics used in straws are potentially toxic to our health -


Most plastic straws are made from polypropylene, a kind of plastic polymer commonly derived from petroleum.

Research shows that chemicals are leaching from polypropylene-based plastics and are contaminating our food, drinks, and thus our bodies.

According to breastcancer.org, plastic products may contain chemicals that can disrupt estrogen levels in the body and increase the risk of breast cancer in women.

This is because the chemicals in most plastics act as “xenoestrogens," a type of foreign hormone or “xenohormone," that imitates estrogen.

However, Single-use plastic, be it a straw, bags or cups are not only harmful to the environment but also to human beings.


4. Most single-use plastic is not recycled -


According to research, single-use plastic is almost never recycled. Until now, less than 9% of single-use plastic ever made is recycled.

So, it’s likely that single-use plastic you have ever consumed is not recycled.


There are numerous reasons why this is happening. A lot of people don’t recycle.

But those that do their part and throw their plastics in the recycling bin are often unsuccessful in the end.


5. What to do…?


Well, you don’t have to worry, there are many eco-friendly options available in the market. All you need to do is lookout for it.

About the single-use plastic straw? Don’t worry, we have got your back.

At UStraww – The luxurious Pasta Straw, is a 100% Biodegradable straw, Edible and Vegan.

Also, the Pasta Straws stay intact in the drinks for more than an HOUR.

Now you can also say goodbye to Soggy Paper Straws.

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