. Paper Straws vs Pasta Straws.

Paper Straws vs Pasta Straws.

Paper Straw vs Pasta Straw is a basic comparison of how pasta straws is much better than Paper Straws. Below is a brief explanation and comparison of Pasta straw vs Paper Straws. 

In 2018, the Government of India had announced that single-use plastic will be banned all over India. Be it Plastic bags, plastic straws, etc. Since the Government took a very important step towards saving the environment.

Coming to the ban of single-use Plastic Straws, after the ban, numerous Paper Straw companies have emerged in order to bring a perfect alternative to the plastic straw and at some extent, they have become a good alternative.




Let’s get our facts clear?


Below we have provided a brief comparison between Paper Straws and Pasta Straws.


Paper straw – Paper straws have the greatest preferred position of being very quickly biodegradable relying upon the substance of cellulose in the material.

But the paper straws also come with disadvantages like the material coated with paper straws. These companies do use chemicals to give solidarity to the paper to withstand porosity of fluid.

The paper straws actually require cellulose and whenever secured from vegetation which includes trees then it adds to the issue in an unexpected way.

Not only this but also paper straws become soggy in a very less time and it starts giving a bitter taste in your drink.




No Way, we do need straws, Afterall it is a matter of hygiene.


All you need is a perfect alternative to plastic and paper straws.


We have got you covered. We bring you India’s first-ever luxurious PASTA STRAW.


Pasta Straw – Pasta straws are the most recent eco-accommodating choice to hit the market.

Since it's produced using food, a pasta straw is biodegradable, so you could compost it after you use it as opposed to making waste.


Today, every country is opting for Pasta straw for its unique, sophisticated touch.


The feel of luxury is felt from the straw. Below we have provided some features of Pasta Straw.


Pasta Straw is:


  1. 100% Bio-degradable.
  2. Eco-friendly and Luxurious.
  3. Vegan
  4. Gluten-free.
  5. Flavourless.
  6. Lasts for more than an hour.


You can finally say goodbye to the SOGGY PAPER STRAWS AND PLASTIC STRAWS.


Let us know if you are more on the Paper Straw side or on the Pasta Straw side.

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